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A fully independent consulting company focused on Aquafeed

Dominique Corlay (Diploma of Engineer and MSc), founder of ANS, has a long experience in the aquaculture industry at various positions from research to management of aquafeed business units.
The aquaculture production has tremendously grown the past 20 years. It now accounts for almost half of the total food fish supply and the percentage is increasing every year (FAO, 2012). Aquafeed is a key input for sustaining this growth while heavily weighing on the final production cost. It has to face and solve several issues and challenges such as :

Product quality​

Ensuring the seafood product quality including nutritional values (omega 3, EPA/DHA), safety (contaminants), color…


Reaching the best zootechnical performances (FCR, SGR) at the lowest cost, while limiting the environmental impact


Sourcing of sustainable Fish Meal (FM) and Fish Oil (FO), with growing part from by-products of the fishing sector


Enhancing the production of alternative ingredients: Vegetable Protein Concentrate, Single Cell Protein…


Developing efficient and cost-saving feed processing technologies, preserving the feed biological values


Promoting natural nutritional solutions to maintain animal health

The aquaculture production has tremendously grown the past 20 years.

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